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Blazing-fast site speed

We specialize in crafting high-performance websites that swiftly engage and convert visitors. Our deep appreciation for speed is unparalleled; ZD’s websites demonstrate outstanding page load times. We diligently optimizes every aspect of your design, meticulously fine-tuning from the coding structure to the hosting framework.

Unbeatable support

When it comes to your web design needs, you need a company that you can rely on. We invest in your website as if it was our own. With 13 years of experience and 100’s websites under our belt, ZD is a team of experienced web designers and innovative leaders.

Websites that rank

Google’s intricacies often pose challenges, even for seasoned developers. The primary SEO hurdle encountered with fresh websites isn’t necessarily rooted in faulty code but rather arises due to developers neglecting best practices during the migration process. As the size of the website increases, so does the likelihood of encountering complications during migration.

Websites that rank

Google’s intricacies often pose challenges, even for seasoned developers. The primary SEO hurdle encountered with fresh websites isn’t necessarily rooted in faulty code but rather arises due to developers neglecting best practices during the migration process. As the size of the website increases, so does the likelihood of encountering complications during migration.

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We’ve been delivering exceptional results for US businesses since 2010.

real estate web design

Our Specialty is Real Estate Website Design

Need a website for your B&B, Glamping or your airbnb Listings? We can help.

An Approach Focused on Mobile-First Responsiveness

Zazen Web Design emphasizes a mobile-centric strategy, offering both responsive and dedicated mobile versions of your website to ensure seamless user experiences.

Responsive Design

Benefits Bid farewell to the need for zooming to navigate menus or encountering compatibility issues with Flash programming that hinder site viewing.

Responsive vs Dedicated

Websites Mobile-responsive websites dynamically adjust and replace existing content based on the device used. Google’s recent page experience update penalizes sluggish websites. Developing a site optimized for speed from the outset enhances visibility. To fully leverage the algorithm update, your site should be mobile-friendly, load swiftly, and possess SSL security.

The user experience your website delivers isn’t solely crucial for SEO; it significantly impacts traffic conversion. Google’s research into website load times unveiled that 70% of users abandon slow-loading sites. Moreover, the study’s findings revealed an average load time of 15.3 seconds, underscoring the competitive edge a swift user experience provides over rivals.

Search Engine Optimised Website Design

In the process of crafting websites, our approach begins with meticulous keyword exploration. This strategy enables us to align web content precisely with prevalent search queries. Our SEO strategies are honed through rigorous testing, employing industry-proven methodologies that consistently yield favorable outcomes. We specialize in crafting optimized site architectures conducive to both SEO and conversion optimization. Leveraging our refined Google-approved page structure, our dedicated team excels in positioning your website prominently on Google’s initial search results page.

WordPress Web Design And Development

WordPress stands out as an incredibly reliable, robust, and intuitive platform for crafting websites. Our team of adept WordPress designers and developers excel in integrating an array of themes and plugins, guaranteeing a top-notch experience for your site visitors. We specialize in launching your website with impeccable coding expertise and offer continuous maintenance, addressing bugs and implementing updates to keep your site running smoothly.

Highly Functional Ecommerce Web Design

Boost your digital sales by leveraging a finely tuned e-commerce platform. Employing established tactics for maximizing conversions, we ensure sustained profitability for your online shop, keeping revenue streams steady. Each bespoke WordPress e-commerce design we craft is tailored to your brand’s identity and sector. Our solutions empower you to manage inventory and sales data effortlessly, putting you in command of your online business.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Campaigns

Companies, regardless of their scale, can reap rewards from a meticulously orchestrated digital marketing strategy centered around data. Attract fresh clientele, boost revenue streams, and breathe life into your brand’s online persona, fostering sustained growth. Cultivating a robust online footprint might pave the way for unparalleled prospects down the line. As a prominent agency specializing in website design and digital marketing in OKC, we possess both the remedies and the proficiency to facilitate this transformation.

Fully Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Given the multitude of dynamic elements and consistent developer enhancements associated with websites, our suggestion is to opt for a comprehensive managed hosting service that’s fine-tuned for optimal performance. This guarantees the continual functionality, speed, and security of your website asset. We handle all technical aspects of your company’s website, providing continuous hosting and upkeep to reduce downtime and maintain your business operations at their peak efficiency.

At ZD AI, we explore the creative potential for blending traditional design & marketing with machine-driven insights.

Logo Design

WordPress Web Design

Zazen Designs is a WordPress Website Development Agency that offers you the opportunity to create and customise your own website.

As the world steadily becomes more digital, your online presence is, in most cases, how potential customers are likely to have their first encounter with your business. We offer WordPress web design services that allow you to build, manage, and maintain your website.

WordPress Web Design by ZD

We aim to ensure that your site reaches your target market and that it retains them. It can be somewhat pointless to get much traffic that eventually leads nowhere. Our WordPress web designers and developers will work with you from the beginning to optimise your website’s design and functionality, thus ensuring that your business gets what it needs.

We include a Content Management System (CMS) with all our websites, meaning you will be able to update your website’s content at your convenience easily. Depending on the kind of business you run, it means you can quickly adapt to changing trends and market preferences. Moreover, this will cut your maintenance costs.

The flexibility of WordPress has positioned it as a prominent Open Source software solution. Its intuitive nature and widespread use by millions globally underscore its accessibility.

With its adaptable nature, WordPress website design caters to diverse entities, whether large corporations, small businesses, or startups, leveraging its malleability. Our team takes pride in assembling top-tier WordPress designers and web developers. 

Over the years, we’ve crafted and managed 100’s websites using the WordPress framework. We empower our clients with complete control over their websites, simplifying tasks like image manipulation, text editing, and content management.

Moreover, as your online presence expands, the WordPress web design and development platform provides customizable options for managing various technical aspects:

  • Research and exploration
  • Design and mapping
  • Development and rigorous testing
  • Continuous content maintenance
  • Product management
  • Seamless integration with WordPress applications

At ZD, we take great pride in our commitment to professionalism and efficiency. Our design process commences with a personalized consultation aimed at understanding your business’s unique requirements and objectives.

Subsequently, we embark on crafting a tailor-made website from the ground up, aligning it closely with your business’s mission and aspirations. To enhance user experience and engagement, we integrate interactive elements that encourage user interaction and inquiry generation. This approach allows for ongoing assessment of the website’s efficacy in meeting its intended goals.

ZD extends a diverse range of cost-effective web design and development solutions encapsulated within our trio of packages:

  1. Standard website package
  2. Product website package
  3. E-commerce website package

Our dedicated team based in OKC specializes in developing bespoke website designs. They prioritize incorporating robust SEO practices and conducting thorough optimization checks to ensure your website is primed for launch.

One of the remarkable perks of the modern era is the emergence of virtual marketplaces. These platforms offer not just convenience for shoppers but also present lucrative opportunities for businesses. By establishing an online store, you can effortlessly sell your products without the overhead costs of a physical storefront. Furthermore, leveraging the widespread use of mobile devices and internet connectivity enables you to broaden your customer base significantly.

The WordPress E-commerce web system stands out for its robust security measures. Its framework includes online store functionalities that grant you extensive control over your products, pricing strategies, and promotional campaigns, among other versatile features. What makes this system exceptional is its autonomy—there’s no need for constant monitoring. Our services ensure that sales continue even when you’re not actively engaged. 

Websites play a vital role for businesses regardless of their scale, serving as the sole online territory that is truly yours. Unlike social media platforms and Google Business Profile listings, which are controlled by their respective platforms, your website offers complete autonomy. Regardless of whether your aim is to expand your business and attract more clientele, even uncomplicated websites can promptly convey crucial information to your audience, thereby reducing the need for time-consuming customer service calls.

Today, a significant portion of internet browsing occurs on mobile devices while people are on the move. In certain sectors, mobile devices account for as much as 70-80% of website traffic. It’s crucial to have a website that’s optimized for mobile viewing to provide users with the swift and seamless experience they expect. Websites lacking mobile optimization tend to experience higher bounce rates compared to those designed for mobile use, potentially harming your overall business performance.

Definitely! We take great pleasure in assisting clients with enhancing their websites, striving always to offer tailored advice to suit each unique situation. Occasionally, if outdated technology cannot undergo necessary upgrades, it might not be cost-effective to update older websites. In such instances, a complete website overhaul might be recommended. While our primary expertise lies in WordPress development, we’re more than willing to assist clients in updating their sites using platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace.

While it’s not an absolute necessity, if your aim is to expand your business and attract fresh clientele, then absolutely! Being a prominent SEO firm in OKC, we love the challenge of ranking website high. With a plethora of available SEO strategies at our disposal, we can seamlessly integrate varying degrees of SEO to guarantee top rankings for your website on Google. Whenever we embark on constructing new websites or revamping existing ones, extensive keyword research remains integral. This practice forms the cornerstone of our content, ensuring that we precisely target the queries and needs of your customer base.


Google reviews

“Ben was so easy and a pleasure to work with! Not only was his communication excellent and turnaround time very fast, Ben is a nice guy and you can trust that his work is quality. I will continue to work with Ben on my future projects and recommend him to others.”

–  Andrew Kelly

“I cannot say enough good things about Ben and Zazen Designs. He was such a pleasure to work with. He listened to what we were looking for, had great ideas and referrals, and everything turned out absolutely perfect. “

–  Faith L

“Ben just completely redesigned my website, and I couldn’t be more happy!! The site has a fresh, clean look and is very appealing to the eye. This is important for any website, but even more so when you are an artist. He is very talented, easy to work with and professional.”

–  Deb Brosen

“Ben with Zazen Design OKC, is simply a genius in his work. He is innovative and comes up with the best designs. He is a great communicator despite the fact we have never met face to face . Every-time he sends me a finished product I feel like a kid opening a gift on Christmas Day.”

–  Rosie G

“Ben took what was once a dated, difficult to navigate, clunky website and turned it into a clean, attractive, and inviting online representation of our company. He was always quick to respond, patient with our schedules, and generous with his time. “

–  Sarah Connor

“We are extremely pleased with Zazen Designs Oklahoma City. Ben has been a pleasure to work with, a true creative partner. His design, technical ingenuity and project management skills are exceptional. I recommend him highly and without hesitation.”

–  Jim Feldman