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Our OKC SEO strategies ready your business for today’s tomorrow.

We don’t see SEO as a checklist, but as a craft. And with each campaign, we don’t just aim for visibility; we want a standing ovation.

Achieving a strong online presence involves helping Google understand the heart of your website. By weaving in specific keywords that mirror what your audience seeks, you enable Google to guide users straight to your virtual doorstep.

We harness an array of SEO tools to delve into your niche and understand your competitors, pinpointing keyword phrases that pave the way for meaningful website traffic. Integrating these impactful keywords seamlessly into your content lets you forge genuine connections with the exact individuals seeking what you offer.

Navigating Google’s website ranking criteria might feel like deciphering a fascinating puzzle filled with tech jargon and secrets. Google keeps its algorithm under wraps to preserve integrity and fend off misuse. Despite numerous claims about unlocking the secrets to elevate your site’s ranking, the truth about search engine optimization (SEO) is a tad more intricate than most realize.

Our beginner’s guide to SEO goes some way toward de-mystifying SEO and provides some tools to give your site a boost.

Local, OKC Based SEO That Puts You on The Map.

Small businesses today aren’t confined to just the streets around the corner. In this digital era, ‘local’ means more than a physical location—it’s about your online presence popping up when someone craves the “best coffee shops nearby.”

With our tailored SEO strategies designed specifically for OKC, we’re not merely aiming to blend in. Our goal is to make your business the go-to destination, the buzz of the online community. We deeply understand the importance of trust. People connect with what feels personal, familiar, and genuine. A finely tuned local presence achieves just that: it brings together the essence of your physical store and your online identity.

Let’s chat about transforming your business into a cherished OKC hotspot that everyone loves talking about!

Our SEO Audits Shine a Brighter Light.

Embarking on an SEO journey without truly knowing your website’s current status is akin to setting off on a magical adventure to Hogwarts using Google Maps—definitely an uncertain ride!

Think of an SEO audit as your site’s personal detective—it uncovers those hidden quirks, identifies missed opportunities with keywords, and pinpoints areas where your content could shine even brighter. Instead of relying on chance, we dive deep into solid, concrete data. The outcome? A strategy grounded in real insights, not just wishful thinking.

An SEO audit forms the bedrock of our SEO endeavors. It’s like understanding the heartbeat of your site, allowing us to tailor strategies that not only boost its online presence but also deliver tangible, meaningful outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, is like giving your website a vibrant personality that search engines adore. It’s about presenting your website’s information in a way that speaks the search engines’ language – especially Google!

Our mission with SEO in OKC is to make your website a shining star on Google. We want it to pop up right at the top when your potential clients search for specific phrases. How do we do it? Here’s a glimpse:

  • We ensure your content is not just good but perfectly relevant.
  • We give your images and videos a makeover, making them load faster and look fantastic.
  • We tag your content cleverly so that Google can’t resist showcasing it.
  • We dive into the nitty-gritty of technical SEO, checking off all the essential boxes for site speed, structured data, XML sitemaps, and more.
  • We weave a web of links with reputable sites, boosting your site’s authority.

Think of us as digital architects, sculpting your website’s presence into something that search engines not only notice but adore showcasing to the world.

SEO is an ongoing journey that we’re excited to embark on with you! Within the first 3 to 6 months, you’ll begin to notice positive strides. While aiming for the top spot on Google, especially for competitive keywords, might take time, we typically recommend an SEO plan spanning 6 to 24 months for lasting results.

Let’s dive in with realistic expectations—SEO isn’t a simple checklist. It’s a dynamic process influenced by over 200 ranking factors. Moreover, Google’s ever-evolving search algorithm continuously refines itself to enhance search results.

The key? Viewing Google ranking as a constantly shifting target that requires consistent monitoring.

Remember, SEO demands patience and insight into its mechanics. Google prioritizes websites it trusts to provide valuable information. Building that trust takes time—it’s like nurturing any meaningful relationship.

Research from Ahrefs reveals an interesting insight: the average page-one website is over two years old, and those claiming the top spot are often nearly three years old. We understand that waiting might feel challenging, especially for businesses seeking immediate results. But take heart, we’re here to tell you: there’s hope!

By aligning your strategies with Google’s guidelines and understanding your competitors’ approaches, positive outcomes can manifest sooner than expected. It’s about doing the right things consistently and adapting to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Let’s embark on this SEO journey together with confidence and optimism. Positive results await those who persist and adapt to the evolving SEO landscape!

The relevance of SEO hinges greatly on your website’s objectives. If your primary concern isn’t securing a high Google ranking or generating leads via your site, then SEO might not be an immediate necessity.

However, suppose you operate within a fiercely competitive industry and aim to attract new clients through your website. In that case, embracing SEO becomes crucial. Given the landscape, it’s likely that your rivals in OKC are actively engaging in SEO strategies.

At our core, we firmly advocate for the significance of SEO in ensuring the longevity and success of your business. It serves as an astute method to gradually expand your business’s visibility over time. Organic rankings instill trust, as they are earned based on merit, showcasing a commitment to transparent communication.

You can! Google Ads is a great way of building immediate, effective traffic – especially if you have a great ad strategy. That said, we find that a combination of Google Ads and SEO can work incredibly well by attracting two types of searchers – those that click on Ads and those that prefer to scroll down to organic rankings.

Earning the top spot on Google is the ultimate goal in our digital race, but it’s crucial to understand that no SEO agency can guarantee this achievement. The intricate and ever-evolving landscape of Google’s algorithms makes ranking an incredibly fluid journey. Experts estimate that more than 200 variables influence a website’s position. These factors undergo constant adjustments to ensure users receive the most pertinent search results.

Our approach revolves around ethical SEO practices, centering on bolstering a website’s caliber, relevance, user interaction, and overall performance. This involves adhering meticulously to Google Search Central’s fundamental guidelines and staying abreast of the frequent algorithmic changes.

SEO demands a strategic, long-term outlook. Beware of any promises of instant, top-ranking solutions; they often lack substance and may lead to disappointment in the long run. Instead, focus on sustainable, ethical strategies for lasting success.

Studies show that SEO—when executed by experts—yields a higher return on investment than any other digital marketing strategy. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok included.

On-Going Outcomes

Given the long-term nature of SEO, it continues to reap rewards even if the budget goes on a break. On-going success is a mark of SEO; clients continue to benefit months and years after their campaign.

Cut Out Your Competition

SEO is a popular marketing option. If your competitors are on page one of Google then you can be sure they’re engaging someone for SEO. OKC SEO will either take you to the level of your closest local competitors or elevate you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Future of Web

Our society is growing more and more dependent on search engines like Google. While other channels may change in popularity and style, SEO will always be a significant marketing channel for every business concerned with growth.

Enhanced User Experience

SEO will enhance your website’s content, navigation and performance. Ultimately, this will increase the experience each user has with your business. Our SEO will help you better encourage leads to engage and convert.

Better Site Performance

A website’s performance has never been more influential in whether a lead stays or leaves, converts or goes with a competitor. All the best SEO solutions involve boosting your site’s performance and speed.

Google reviews

“Ben was so easy and a pleasure to work with! Not only was his communication excellent and turnaround time very fast, Ben is a nice guy and you can trust that his work is quality. I will continue to work with Ben on my future projects and recommend him to others.”

–  Andrew Kelly

“I cannot say enough good things about Ben and Zazen Designs. He was such a pleasure to work with. He listened to what we were looking for, had great ideas and referrals, and everything turned out absolutely perfect. “

–  Faith L

“Ben just completely redesigned my website, and I couldn’t be more happy!! The site has a fresh, clean look and is very appealing to the eye. This is important for any website, but even more so when you are an artist. He is very talented, easy to work with and professional.”

–  Deb Brosen

“Ben with Zazen Design OKC, is simply a genius in his work. He is innovative and comes up with the best designs. He is a great communicator despite the fact we have never met face to face . Every-time he sends me a finished product I feel like a kid opening a gift on Christmas Day.”

–  Rosie G

“Ben took what was once a dated, difficult to navigate, clunky website and turned it into a clean, attractive, and inviting online representation of our company. He was always quick to respond, patient with our schedules, and generous with his time. “

–  Sarah Connor

“We are extremely pleased with Zazen Designs Oklahoma City. Ben has been a pleasure to work with, a true creative partner. His design, technical ingenuity and project management skills are exceptional. I recommend him highly and without hesitation.”

–  Jim Feldman