Keeping Your GSuite Email Alive After Switching Hosting Companies

Moving to a new hosting company can be daunting, especially when you’re worried about email continuity. If you rely on GSuite email addresses like, here’s how to ensure a smooth transition without email disruptions.

The key lies in managing your MX Records. These act like GPS coordinates for your email – they tell incoming messages where to find your inbox. When you switch hosting companies, you need to update these records to point to your new email server.

Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

1. Update Your MX Records:

  • Log in to your Domain Registrar: This is the company where you registered your domain name ( It might be Google Domains or another registrar.
  • Find DNS Management: Look for a section labeled “DNS,” “Domain Management,” or similar. This is where you’ll edit your domain’s records.
  • Edit MX Records: Locate existing MX records. You’ll be replacing them with new ones provided by your hosting company. These records typically consist of a server hostname (like and a priority number (usually a low number like 1 or 5).
  • Save Changes: Once you’ve entered the new MX records, be sure to save your changes.

2. Transferring Domain Registration (if applicable):

  • Check Your Registrar: If you’re unsure where your domain is registered, sign in to your Google Admin console and navigate to Account > Domains > Manage Domains. Here, you’ll see details about your domain and its current registrar.
  • Transfer Domain (if needed): If Google Workspace is your current registrar, you’ll need to transfer the domain to your new registrar before making MX record changes. Google offers resources to guide you through this process. Search for “transfer domain from Google Workspace” for instructions.

Important Notes:

  • Propagation Time: Allow 24-48 hours for the MX record changes to take effect globally. During this time, you might experience email delivery delays.
  • Get Help: If you encounter difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact your new hosting company’s support team. They can provide specific guidance for their platform.

By following these steps, you can ensure your GSuite email addresses like remain operational even after switching hosting companies.

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