Web Design

We design websites that are tailored to your brand and individual needs, staying on point with recent trends and technologies within the web design industry. No matter what project we take on, we are determined to deliver robust and engaging websites which reflect the scope of our client’s business in an eye-catching and esthetically pleasing way, all while generating online leads.

Our designs are not only beautiful but also intuitive and user-friendly with SEO at the forefront of each build. All websites are designed on a friendly, easily trainable Content Management System (CMS). Everything is optimized and completely responsive so it will look and work great on any device, even mobile phones. We have included examples of website designs below. Phone: 518-961-2665

Responsively Designed

With desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone visitors to consider, what can be done to ensure that your site is performing well at all screen sizes? The best way to accommodate all of these different devices is through a technique called responsive design. A responsively designed website has the ability to adapt to a variety of widths. It ensures that your content is being delivered in an easy to view format for your site’s visitors, regardless of their screen’s size. For creative professionals this means that potential and existing clients will be able to view your website from any device.

A responsively designed website adjusts page layout elements to maximize the use of available screen real estate by: scaling images to fit the screen, scaling text for better legibility, making navigation easier to use with fingers vs. a mouse and hiding non-essential content to prevent clutter on smaller screens.




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