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We are your one stop shop for all things Webflow, WordPress, SEO, migrations and growing your business online.

Increase Traffic & Conversion Rates

With access to ever-expanding technology, businesses are now able to reach beyond the span of their local networks to reach customers. Websites serve as a digital storefront, offering several ways to drive new traffic through SEO, as well as continuing to build customer loyalty. So, what is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is algorithm-dependent work performed on your website to improve your site’s ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). While conducting an online search is somewhat of a simple effort, there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes to bring us what we’re looking for. Users enter keywords or phrases into a search engine, and if a website has been properly optimized for those keywords, there is a higher likelihood of that site appearing on a SERP. How high the website ranks rests on the utilization of several factors, including both on-page SEO and off-page SEO tactics.

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Ben was outstanding to work with! He took our already established company graphics and branding and transformed them into a web page that represents our business. Thank you, Ben! It has been a joy working with you.” – Leanne

Driving More Conversions

  • SEO boosts your online presence and drives organic traffic (as opposed to paid search campaigns, such as Google AdWords, or search engine marketing) to the website in a few ways.
  • SEO-optimized copy includes carefully chosen keywords, internal website links, and long-tail search terms within the copy, in a way that maintains readability for your human audience while hitting the standards of search engines.
  • Relevant meta tags: coded with keywords for each page which help lead search engines to your pages.
  • Well-written and wisely chosen title tags for each page.
  • Local SEO to put your business on the digital map, and to help generate reviews.
  • Analytics that provide a progress report of how your website is performing, where users are clicking, and the online avenues or search engines they use to find you.

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